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maremosso is a Pogo 50
built by Pogo Structures in
Combrit, Brittany, France

A fast and modern cruiser.

maremosso is the fourth build of a Pogo 50 by Pogo Structures in Brittany, France. 
You can visit the website of the shipyard by clicking here.

It is a fast and lightweight cruiser, perfect for long and fast cruises.
We are going to sail around the world with her - visiting the most exposed places.
So let´s see what comes up next ...

Technical Data
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Sail on a Performance Sailing Yacht - Incentive Events
Visit remote places worldwide - Take part in regattas 

On maremosso we are giving you the chance to be part of an extraordinary sailing adventure. We are going to sail to many remote places and on some of these trips you can be a part of the crew, get special training and realize incentive events.

Here´s what we are offering:
- Take part at sail races worldwide - maremosso is going to take part  in the Ralley des Iles du Soleil La Palma-Marie Galante starting 10th of November 2018
- Corporate Sailing: learn how the be part of a perfect team - enter a real team building process - improve your personal skills - fight your fears - fulfill your dream
- Incentive Events: Small Team Groups can take part in special events - sailing to remote places - combine water and land outdoor adventures
- We are closely working together with trainers that accompany us on some of the cruises: Yoga - Climbing - Outdoor Survival - Personal Development 

If you are interested in what we do and offer, get in contact - as soon as we do have a more concrete schedule, we will post it here.

Picture above and below by JAKEZ


Support is always helpful ...

We are very happy that TAMARA COMOLLI Fine Jewelry Collection loves sailing as much as we do and started to support us from the very first beginning. 
You can see that on our beautiful downwind sails.

We will keep on moving together ...

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